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Magical Photo with Santa

Bring Santa to your family this year with a personalized photo!

With each purchase, I'll put your image (one taken by me, or one taken by you....cell phone photos are fine!) in a frame or ornament with Santa looking on. It's like Santa is right there with you, he's magical like that!

You can purchase a digital copy of the image for $10. Once I receive your photo, the digital copy will be returned to you via email within 24 hours, so you'll have it in time to share before Christmas! 

PLEASE NOTE: If your image is a landscape orientation (wider than tall), you will receive the Santa looking down at the frame. If your image is a portrait orientation (taller than wide), you will receive the Santa looking forward. There is no way to change this. If you prefer one Santa over the other, please be sure that the photo you send is in the correct orientation.

May the magic of Christmas be with you all season!

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