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JKP Senior Model Ambassadors


Make your statement by becoming a Senior Model Ambassador for Jen Kochmer Photography. Class of 2022, I am your photographer! I love to have fun, I'm adventurous, love off the wall ideas, and I am SO ready for all the ideas you have.

As a Senior Model Ambassador your images will be used for marketing materials, social media and anywhere else that will create a buzz. The best part of it all: you'll receive rewards just for bringing other seniors to Jen Kochmer Photography through your referrals! And before I lose your interest, there's CASH involved for you and discounts and prints for your parents too! Ready to get started?

What do I get by becoming a JKP Senior Model Ambassador?

  •  All senior models will receive a complimentary 20-minute mini session in May or early June. Each session will come with web quality photos (with a small watermark) for you to share on social media. These images will also be included without the watermark in your gallery at your Ordering Session after your completed full Senior session for you to choose from.

  • Extra 20% off any a la carte prints ordered at your Ordering Session that are from your complimentary mini session

  • Here's where the money comes in...earn rewards for your referrals! Every friend that mentions your name when completing their session earns you referral credit! (All referred sessions need to be paid for and done before the end of 2021 to receive credit. All cash rewards will be distributed between October-December 2021. Print credits that are available at the time of your Ordering Session may be used by your parents at that time. Any print credits that are accrued after your Ordering Session may be used through 12/31/2022.)

  • Book 1 referral and earn a $25 Visa/Mastercard gift card for you and a $50 print credit for your parents

  • Book 3 referrals and earn a $50 Visa/Mastercard gift card for you and a $100 print credit for your parents.

  • Book 5 referrals and earn a $100 Visa/Mastercard gift card for you and a $200 print credit for your parents.


Is there anything special I should know if I'm chosen to be a JKP Senior Model Ambassador?

Yes! Being chosen as a Senior Model Ambassador for Jen Kochmer Photography comes with expectations. As your photographer, it is my responsibility to give you an amazing experience, your free mini session, any and all rewards you earn for all your referrals. It is your responsibility to:

  • ENTHUSIASTICALLY promote JKP and your experience with me to others.

  • Represent JKP throughout the Senior photo season which will start with your first mini session and ends December 2021

  • Share your photos, make them your profile photos and be active on social media with your images tagging and giving credit to JKP. (Active and enthusiastic posts create buzz and earn you more referral rewards!)

  • Allow JKP to follow your social media pages.

  • Only promote JKP and no other photographers; this includes only using JKP for your full Senior Session.

  • Pay the session fee for and complete your full senior session prior to August 31, 2021.

Who can be a JKP Senior Model Ambassador?

If you are currently a junior, I want you! I am looking for a few seniors each from each of the local high schools. Don't worry, you don't have to be a supermodel to be a model ambassador! Just be outgoing, enthusiastic, and fun!

How do I enter?

It's simple! Complete the online application below, prior to April 30, 2021. I will review your application to see if you qualify and determine if I already have enough models from your school. Not everyone will be chosen, only those who meet the requirements, so don't delay! Talk to your parents today and determine if this will be a great fit for you! Representatives will be notified no later than May 7! (May be sooner if applications are received earlier and chosen!)

Ready to apply?

I’m glad you want to apply! You already seem like a great fit and enthusiastic about what we can offer each other for your Senior Photos experience. Now go fill out the form below and tell me why you will be THE BEST Ambassador for my program, and guess's not because you are a cover model, it's because of how awesome and enthusiastic and active you are on social media and in your school! On your application there is a place for a parent’s phone number and email address, this must be filled in! Absolutely no mini sessions or ambassadors will be accepted without parent consent and a full reservation and session fee payment for your full senior session! If you’re accepted, I will be in touch with you and your parents by May 7, 2021 and we will book both mini sessions and your senior session. Now sell me on you!

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